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Our Major Achievements

Additionally, we are also accredited with a number of standards organizations such as ISO 9001:2000, CGHS, ECHS. We are also recognized for the treatment of BPL patients, Government employees, Central Government Employees, Railways, Military, Insurance Companies etc. We are providing world-class care and treatment to our patients.

Furthermore, at present we are regularly medical education programs and nursing education programs. We are also currently conducting over 30 clinical trials at our institute. We are also in the process of further applying for 4 more Qualification & Diploma Courses for doctors and Nursing Educational Programs. Hence our clinical research and training programs are also up in full swing. We are in regular collaboration with a number of Doctors across the world and have organized several conferences in collaboration with doctors from Mount Sinai Hospital, NY as well as with Univ. of Pittsburgh, USA. These have also enriched our regular patient care programs both in SK Soni Hospital and for other doctors in Rajasthan.

Our Major Achievements

Over the last 25 years we have provided our services to more than 25 Lakh patients. The following is only a sample of some of the achievements of SK Soni Hospital in its first 3 years.
Outdoor Patients over 2,50,000 patients.
Indoor Patients over 40,000 patients.
Free Patients over 50,000 patients.
Pathology Diagnostics over 800,000 tests.
Radiology Diagnostics over 100,000 studies done.
Blood Bank over 25,000 Blood units processed.
Cardiology Over 10,000 Angiographies
Over 2,000 Angioplasties
Over 2,000 Heart Bypass surgeries,
Over 10,000 non-invasive procedures.
Over 15,000 dialysis patients served
Urology Over 750 procedures
Oncology Over 10,000 cancer patients treated
Over 15,000 radiotherapy cases
Over 2,000 cancer surgeries.
Over 1,000 cancer patients have been treated free of charge including drugs in the institute
Gastrosciences over 10,000 invasive procedures
ICU cases Over 100,000 ICU bed days of ICU services have been provided
Average Length of Stay Very short and overall stay on an average about 4.15 days per admission
Longest Stay Shri Vineet Malpani stayed with us for over 240 days
(he is alive today)
No. of CT Scans Done in a single day on one machine 239 scans in 24hrs for 220 patients on a single CT Scan