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Department of Anesthesia is a multifunctional department managed by experienced personnel. Its activity associates with almost every department within the hospital particularly Critical Care Medicine. The department is fully equipped with 9 operation theatres, CathLab and post operative ward beds and is managed by well experienced doctors. As part of the overall endeavor to improve surgical and critical care outcomes across the Hospitals operations – a first of its kind in Rajasthan - unified policies for the control of infection and the development of resistant strains of microorganisms have had been formulated and implemented with over the last 5 years with growing success creating an ISCCM Level 3 International ICU. Our main specialty is in handling complicated cases which require multi-specialty and advanced critical care management.

Anesthesiology equipment

State of the Art Anesthetic Machines in every operation theatre. These monitors let us use extremely low fresh gas flows resulting in extreme economy and negligible theatre pollution. They allow us to know the exact amount of anesthetic being administered and its clinical effects.
Anesthetic Depth Monitors (BIS) let us know the depth of anesthesia, thus minimizing the chances of awareness or over dosage during anesthesia
Multi-parameter vital sign monitors with each anesthesia machine for continuous monitoring of
Blood Pressure (Invasive & non-invasive) with CVP monitoring
Oxygen saturation & End tidal carbon dioxide
Airway pressures
Neuromuscular function monitoring
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