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Critical Care Services
The Department of Critical care in S.K. SONI HOSPITAL also known as intensive Care is the multi-professional healthcare which specially cares for patients with acute, life-threatening illness or injury.

Patients are rarely admitted directly to the critical care unit. The continuum of critical care begins at the moment of illness or injury and continues throughout the patient’s hospitalization, treatment and subsequent recovery.

Critical care refers exclusively to the treatment of patients who suffer from life-threatening conditions. Typical examples of critical illness include heart attack, poisoning, pneumonia, surgical complications, premature birth, and stroke. Critical care also includes trauma care-i.e., care of the severely injured whether due to an accident, gunshot or stab-wounds, a fall, burns or an industrial accident.

Critical care at our Hospital is provided by multi-speciality team of highly experienced and professionals in coordination with the primary physician who use their unique expertise, ability to interpret important therapeutic information, access to highly sophisticated equipment and the services of support personal care that leads to the best outcome for the patients. All members of the team help the patients and their families in implementing various strategies to improve health, healing, coping and well being specific to their area of expertise. In order to streamline the treatment for patients with different kinds of illness, we have segregated the critical care areas into medical, surgical, neuro & cardiac intensive care units. This is done solely to provide the optimum care to the needy patients.
Facilities and services Available
Medical ICU
Isolation & Burns Unit
Trauma & Burns Unit
Cardiac Care Unit
Heart Command
High Dependency Unit (HDU)
Neurosciences ICU
Surgical ICU
Neonatal ICU