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SK Soni Hospital as a Employer

Why should you choose us as your employer?

Employee engagement
Opportunity to work in an technology intensive environment
Immense Learning Opportunities & Career advancement programs
Career ladders and advancement opportunities for personal development
And most important factor of them all
A Family oriented work environment
Competitive benefits
World-Class facilities
Job Security
Competitive Salaries
Staff Recreational Facilities

Our Motivation


At SK Soni Hospital you are part of the revolution to drive development in growth markets across the world. In the process, you help SK Soni Hospital become the market leader in our chosen markets and a preferred employer who you are proud to work with. Along the way, you build your career and you build long-lasting relationships. The opportunities are endless; growth is a function of your abilities and willingness to take on more. You show that you deserve to grow and you will be given all possible support – meritocracy is the only rule of the game.

People Philosophy – ENERGIZE


A happy work-life balance is the key to your sustained and meaningful contribution to business growth. You are ENERGIZED through various HR practices unique to SK Soni Hospital , ensuring your growth.

Be it through creating friendly workplace policies, initiating self-development programs or creating a canvas of opportunities for you to explore; the focus is to ensure you get the best possible shot at personal and professional satisfaction.

Fun is weaved in as an integral element of all activities at SKSG to ensure you are engaged and focused.

Every component of ENERGIZE works as our guiding light towards ensuring a workplace that you would love to come back to every single day.

Rewarding Performance People Development


We are constantly looking at newer technologies, newer ideas, better tools, newer processes and ways to improve what we do. Learning is an ongoing process at SK Soni Hospital .

You are at the core of our competitive advantage. The only way for us to grow to dizzying heights is through effective talent management – to attract, develop and retain top notch talent like you.

SK Soni Hospital as an organization believes that our growth is directly linked to your growth. All development initiatives begin with you as the focal point. You get to decide what is best for you in terms of learning for growth and that translates into performance and organization growth.

Fun at work


SK Soni Hospital is also a fun place to work. Get-togethers, awards events, picnics, sports tournaments, quizzes, health talks, slogan, poster and essay competitions, also form part of the work agenda.