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Specialized care – Need of the day

Diabetes is one of the most common non-communicable disorders affecting every 4th individual. Worst part of the disease is its natural history like a slow poison, wherein, the disease and its associated conditions cause diffuse atherosclerosis of various blood vessels over a period of years. The process of atherosclerosis does not manifest till the patient develops deadly complications like heart attack, paralysis, gangrene, kidney failure, blindness etc.

All these devastating complications can be easily prevented by comprehensive approach towards the patient aiming at prevention of these complications with regular detailed evaluation, symptoms analysis and investigations. Moreover it’s a demanding job to educate the patient regarding preventive measure of the possible complications, which are likely to develop after decades. Changing the notion that diabetes is equivalent to high blood sugar can be achieved only by devoting sufficient time in patient education and counseling.

Diabetes is no more a single disease. Newer and types of diabetes with varying etiological factors are being recognized. American Diabetes Association classifies diabetes into 59 different types. Though blood sugar control can be achieved by any of the available therapies, it is crucial to arrive at the correct diagnosis and initiate the appropriate therapy. Indiscriminate use of drugs targeting at blood sugar control leads to failure of oral drugs and patients needs to be supplemented with insulin. This can be easily avoided by use appropriate drugs based on the diagnosis.

Achieving this standard of care is feasible only by having a dedicated department catering its services only to diabetes patients focusing at the diagnosis, comprehensive evaluation, patient education and sympathetic counseling. Additionally, Diabetes is not a disease isolated to one part of the body and requires focus from the main department along awith help and support from many other departments such as cardiology(heart specialist), nephrologist (kidney specialist), and many others.

Academics & Research

The department is actively involved in continuous medical education activities. We have conducted more than 40 CMEs in various parts of the city and state. In addition regular patient education and nurse’s education activities are conducted. The department is also actively involved in clinical research with presentation in national and international conferences and publications in national and international journals.

Low Blood sugar is more dangerous than High Blood Sugar
High Blood Sugar kills in year but Low Blood Sugar can kill in hours.