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The department of Nephrology was started in 2004 at S K SONI HOSPITAL , and was one of the eminent hospitals to provide maintenance haemodialysis services in non government sector in leading north Hermes Replica Handbags. A dynamic nephrologist DR. ALOK JAIN joined the department in 2004 and has taken the challenge of providing dialytic care to critically sick patients service in the department.

The hospital is proud of their exemplary team work. The department is always focused at providing high quality medical care with a human touch.

The department is equipped with the latest generation, fully computerized, bicarbonate haemodialysis machine with volumetric ultra-filtration and adjustable sodium facility, providing better patients safety.The department is one of the centers in north India to provide R.O. (Reverse Osmosis) water for dialysis to ensure patients’ welfare and prevents long term complications of haemodialysis.

Achievements in last 4 years:

First centre in Swiss Replica Watches India to perform CPFA (Coupled Plasma filtration & Adsorption) technique in patients of Septic Shock.
First centre in Rajasthan to perform haemodialysis in 1.5 years old child.
First centre in Jaipur to perform Plasmapharesis by haemodialysis machine.
First centre in Rajasthan to provide haemodialysis in OPD as well as IPD (ICU/CCU/HDU/Neuro ICU).

Nephrology - Facilities at a glance

Clinical Nephrology
Continuous Renal Replacement therapy
SCUF(Slow Continuous Ultrafiltration)
CVVH(Continuous Veno-Venous hemofiltration)
CVVHD(Continuous Veno-Venous haemodialysis)
CVVHDF(Continuous Veno-Venous hemodiafiltation)
SLEDD(Slow Low Efficiency Daily Dialysis)
Plasmapheris & Plasma Exchange
Continuous Peritoneal Dialysis & Automated Peritoneal Dialysis
Vascular Access for hemodialysis
Casualty Services