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Department of Psychiatry

The Department of Psychiatry is headed by Dr. M.M. Bhojak former Professor & Head of S.P. Medical College, Bikaner and Professor, Department of Psychiatry, SMS Medical College, Jaipur. He has vast experience in Psychiatry. He is a Life Fellow member of

Indian Association for Geriatric Mental Health
Indian Psychiatry Society
Indian Association for Social Psychiatry
Indian Association of Private Psychiatry
Association Member of American Psychiatry Association

He has organized National and International conferences of Psychiatry. He has presented papers and chaired scientific session in National and International Conferences. He has also published more than fifteen scientific papers in various journals.

In department of Psychiatry we have got all types of advanced and latest methods to treat all types of Psychiatric illness' related to:-

Child, Adolescent, adult and Geriatric Psychiatry disorders.
Substance related disorders- (Drugs- addiction O.P.D based)
Mental retardation
Mood Disorders & Suicide
Anxiety disorders & stress disorders
Somatoform disorders
Chronic fatigue syndrome and Neurasthenia
Dissociative disorders.
Human sexuality disorders
Gender Identity disorders
Impulse control disorders
Adjustment disorders
Personality disorders
Relational problems
Learning problems
Motor skill disorders
Attention deficit disorders
Eating disorders
Normal sleep and sleep disorder
Chronic fatigue syndrome and Neurasthenia

In our department of Psychiatry, we have got all most modern Equipment and Instrument to investigation and treat patients by means of:-

Pharmaco Therapy (Medicine)
Psychoanalysis & Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy
Brief Psychotherapy and crises intervention Psychotherapy.
Psycho Social treatment and Rehabilitation
Community Psychiatry treatment approach
Combined Psycho Therapy and Pharmaco Therapy
Individual and group Psychotherapy and Psychodrama
Family and Couples therapy
Behavior Therapy
Cognitive Therapy
All types of Counselling

We are really concerned about Physical Mental, Social and Spiritual health of individual in department of Psychiatry and in our Institute.