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Purchase Department
The mission of the Purchasing Department is to responsively and efficiently manage the procurement of supplies and services for the Health and Hospital while maintaining the highest level of professional ethics and integrity.The Purchasing Department will manage the procurement process in order to acquire quality

supplies and services at the lowest price; give timely and effective support to insure that the requirements of the corporation's services to the community are met; provide potential suppliers with equal consideration of their products and services; instill public confidence that contracts are awarded in an equitable and economical manner. This department is headed by Neha Soni with a team of 4 people.


The well-stocked in-house pharmacy meets the needs of resident and out-patients, providing medicines at listed rates. Through its highly trained and dedicated staff, the pharmacy strives to provide excellent drug information, dispensing, and utilization and management services. All drugs are provided at MRP rates. In the interest of patient’s medical needs, the hospital insists that all prescribed drugs are supplied by the pharmacy.

Director of Purchasing


Receiving Clerk

Storeroom Clerk

Store In charge