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The Department of Radiology provides diagnostic radiology services for all outpatients and inpatients. Radiology department is manned by competent and qualified doctors & personnel 24 hours a day. The Department welcomes physician inquiries, which should be directed to the specific imaging division or the department chair.

The radiology department is equipped with state of art equipment like conventional and digital x-ray machines, ultrasonography, CT scan & MRI .The department work load on an average is 150 patients per day. Of this, the bulk of the work comprises of routine radiological examination of chest, abdomen, spine and extremities, abdominal ultrasonography, antenatal sonography for abnormalities in developing babies, ovulation monitoring, pediatric and neonatal sonography, neuro sonography, mammosonography, musculoskeletal sonography, transvaginal and transrectal sonography, sonography of small parts such as thyroid, parathyroid, and scrotum. Doppler sonography for abdomen, pregnancy, carotid and peripheral vascular diseases, transplant kidney and impotency are performed routinely.

The procedures done under fluoroscopy control include barium investigations for the gastrointestinal tract, hysterosalpingograms for the female genital tract and a number of procedures for diagnostic and therapeutic intervention for hepatobiliary system. The department also does urological investigations such as intravenous urogram and micturating cystourethrogram. Portable radiography units are kept on each floor of the hospital ward block for patients who are too sick to come to the main department.

Facilities at a glance
> Digital X-Ray by AGFA
> Bedside X-ray-60MA Unidor ( Portable)
> ltrasound-Sonoline G-50 Siemens ( 2 machines )
> CT scan-Somatom –Emotion-Spiral Ct Siemens
> MRI- 1.5 Tesla Avantom Series with flow study capabilities
> 500MA Heliphos-Siemens and 160MA Siemens Color Doppler
> Multi-Trial Scan for cancer patients
> CT Guided Biopsy and FNAC
> 3D CT Scan
> Specialization in Mandible & TM joint CT Scan
> Invasive Procedure like aspiration of liver abscess, CVS, and amniocentesis, fetal reduction, cordocentesis    under sonographic guidance
> Services for sonographic guidance for In Vitro Fertilization procedures in the IVF operation theatre, surgical and    gynecological procedures in other operation theatres & portable bedside ultrasonography.

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