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Department of Comprehensive Oncology (SEAROC)

Cancer is a disease which is increasing day by day and so are the challenges to its treatment.

Cancer which was synonymous with death a few years ago is not so deadly now with better understanding of cancer biology and availability of better technology for treatment of cancer patients. With use of multimodality treatment the results have started improving.

At SEAROC CANCER CENTER, We are a consortium of dedicated and experienced doctors in different fields of oncology like medical oncology, surgical oncology, radiation oncology, preventive oncology and allied branches like pathology, radiology etc.

S.K. SONI HOSPITAL is a premier institute of Rajasthan with 225 beds, ICU and modular OT and world class facilities in all the specialties. To provide state of the art oncology facilities to the people of Rajasthan at very affordable cost we have started SEAROC cancer center at S.K. SONI HOSPITAL Jaipur.

We are providing state of the art services in medical, surgical and radiation oncology and we are also integrating indigenous forms of treatment in pursuit of improving the results and reducing the cost of treatment.

MEDICAL Oncology

Medical oncology department is headed by the most versatile and leading physician Dr. Anish Maru who has the distinction of being the first DM (Medical Oncology) in Rajasthan . He is supported by a well trained team of young enthusiastic doctors to take care of the patients. The nursing staff is well trained and dedicated and sympathetic towards the patients.

All types of chemotherapy including day care chemotherapy, infusional chemotherapy, high dose chemotherapy, intrathecal chemotherapy, intra arterial chemotherapy, intra vesical chemotherapy etc are performed regularly,

Laminar air flow chamber is used to prepare chemotherapy solutions under strict aseptic conditions.

We use Chemo ports, central lines and Infusion pumps to administer chemotherapy to avoid repeated punctures and in this way make life easy for patients.

We follow international guidelines to plan and administer chemotherapy protocols of all types of cancers including solid and hematological tumors.

We also use targeted drugs to treat different types of cancer to reduce the toxicity and improve the effectiveness.

All types of chemotherapy and targeted therapies are available in our own pharmacy, where we give medicines to patients at very subsidized rates.


Radiotherapy is an essential component of cancer treatment armamentarium and SEAROC can boast of having all type of latest radiotherapy machines.

SEAROC cancer center has a DUAL ENERGY DIGITAL LINEAR ACCELERATOR WITH IMRT, SRS AND SRT facility the FIRST OF ITS KIND IN RAJASTHAN. The department is backed by latest treatment planning system ( Oncentra master plan) and dosimetry equipments required for smooth working of the machine. ALL treatment starts after making proper immobilization device like an ORFIT and doing CT simulation to ensure accurate treatment planning & delivery thereby reducing the side effects.

Our versatile machine has 82 leaves MLC and can deliver treatment by different techniques including 3-D CONFORMAL RT, INTENSITY MODULATED RT (IMRT), and STEREOTACTIC RADIOSURGERY (SRS) AND STEREOTACTIC RT (SRT).

Linear Accelerator with IMRT & IGRT 1st in Rajasthan in Radiation Oncology

Dual Energy Digital Linear Accelerator
3-D Conformal Radiotherapy (3-DCRT)
Multileaf Collimatior (MLC) – 82 Leaves for more-precision and faster treatment
IGRT (Image Guided Radiotherapy)
High Dose Rate Brachytherapy (First of its kind in Rajasthan)
3-D Treatment Planning System With Virtual Simulation
IMRT (Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy) 1st in Rajasthan
SRS (Stereotactic Radio surgery)
SRT (Stereotactic Radiotherapy)

Department of Radiotherapy is headed by Dr. Dinesh Mangal , who has 25 years of radiotherapy experience and is instrumental in developing many centers across the world. He is backed by a young and enthusiastic team of Medical Physicist RT technicians and RSO (Radiation Safety Officer).

Feather in the cap

The Radiotherapy department was recognized & antedated for quality assurance by RTOG (Radiotherapy Oncology Group – an International body for quality control).

We are the only centre in India recognized By RTOG


Surgery is the oldest cancer treatment modality and concepts and goals of on cosurgery have changed very much. Organ preservation is the goal instead of radical sacrificing surgery.We have two modular operation theatres so that major surgeries can be done in infection – free environment. All types of endoscopies including Gastroscopy, colonoscopy, bronchoscopy, Hopkins examination etc are performed regularly.

Surgical oncology team is headed by Dr. Anil Gupta and guided by senior surgeon and ex-principal of SMS medical college Dr. Onkar Saxena.

CLINICAL Research and Trials

Conducting clinical trials is an important part of advancement of medical science and needs accurate documentation and good clinical practice to produce data of international standards.

We are proud to say that our center has been recognized for conducting clinical research for various international clinical trials and we are involved in about 45 clinical trials.

These trials provide an opportunity for latest treatment options to patients, in addition they also offers the advantage that patients enrolled on clinical trials are provided free investigations, medicines, treatment which is a boon for the poor patients.

International Expertise

Many renowned oncologists of the world are associated with our center and keep on giving continuous support to us and they are also available for consultation on the internet and also when they visit India.


Is the international authority on Lung Cancer, he is deputy director of PENN cancer center in USA.


Is the international authority on Sarcomas, he is consultant at Santa Monica, California, USA.

Specialty Clinics

Preventive & Social Oncology
Pain and Palliative
Tobacco Clinic
ALTC (Ayurvedic Leukemia Treatment Clinic) under guidance of Padamashree Vidya Balendu Prakash

What is SEAROC?

Society for Education, Awareness Rehabilitation & Research On Cancer (SEAROC) (Donation to SEAROC is exempted under section 80 G of Income Tax Act 1961).

SEAROC is a non-profit organization dedicated to those who have not had cancer. It also helps in the treatment of those inflicted by cancer by providing them financial support and ensuring their rehabilitation.


Encourage cancer research & education

Promote cancer awareness.
Work to prevent cancer.
Promote scientific exchange of knowledge.
Practice the latest treatment guidelines.
Provide rehabilitation.
Provide care for incurable & terminally ill.
Provide awards & fellowships.– to whom??
Undertake scientific research in oncology.

SEAROC aims to guide general practitioners & health professionals in early detection of cancer.

SEAROC also aims at preventing some type of cancers. This is possible by educating people about lifestyle, diet, hygiene, harmful effects of tobacco smoking, and chewing, alcohol.

SEAROC aims at sharing of knowledge to promote scientific exchange by organizing conferences, seminars, workshops etc and Sponsoring individuals for fellowships to renowned institutes in India& abroad.

SEAROC aims at updating the medical fraternity by providing them the latest & the most comprehensive treatment guidelines.

Providing cancer treatment is not our only goal. We also aim at making the tough