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Soni Nursing College

Health is a state of well-being that enables a person to lead a psychologically, socially and economically productive life. Health is a right of all the people. Individuals, families and communities have a responsibility towards maintaining their health.

Nursing contributes to the health services in a vital and significant way in the health care delivery system. It recognizes national health goals and is committed to participate in implementation of National health policies and programs. It aims at identifying health needs of the people, planning and providing quality care in collaboration with other health professionals and community groups.

Scope of nursing practice encompasses provision of promotive, preventive, curative and rehabilitative aspects of care to people across their life span in wide variety of health care settings practice of nursing is based upon application of basic concepts and principles derived from the physical, biological and behavioral sciences, medicine and nursing.

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Aims & Objectives

The aim of the under graduate nursing program is to

Prepare graduates to assume responsibilities as professional, competent nurses and midwives in providing promotive, preventive, curative and rehabilitative services.
Prepare nurses who can make dependent decisions in nursing situations, protect the rights of and facilitate individuals and groups in pursuit of health, function in the hospital, community nursing services, and conduct research studies in the areas of nursing practice. They are also expected to assume the role of teacher, supervisor, and manager in a clinical/ public health setting.

On completion of the four year B.Sc Nursing program the graduate will be able to:

Apply knowledge from physical, biological, and behavioural sciences, medicine including alternative systems ad nursing in providing nursing care to individuals, families and communities.
Demonstrate understanding of life style and other factors, which affect health of individuals and groups.
Provide nursing care based on steps of nursing process in collaboration with the individuals and groups.
Demonstrate critical thinking skill in making decisions in all situations in order to provide quality care.
Utilize the latest trends and technology in providing health care.
Provide promotive, preventive and restorative health services in line with the national health policies and programs.
Practice within the framework of code of ethics and professional conduct, and acceptable standards of practice within the legal boundaries.
Communicate effectively with individuals and groups and members of the health team in order to promote effective interpersonal relationships and teamwork.
Demonstrate skills in teaching to individuals and groups in clinical / community health settings.
Participate effectively as members of the health team in health care delivery system.
Demonstrate leadership and managerial skills in clinical/community health settings.
Conduct need based research studies in various settings and utilize the research findings to improve the quality of care.
Demonstrate awareness, interest, and contribute towards advancement of self and of the profession.

Course Curriculum


Nursing Foundations
Introduction to Computers
Hindi/Regional language
Library work / self study
Co-curricular activities


Medical Surgical Nursing (Adult including geriatrics)-I
Community Health Nursing-I
Communication and Educational Technology
Library work / Self Study
Co-curricular activities


Medical-Surgical Nursing (Adult including geriatrics)-II
Child Health Nursing
Mental Health Nursing
Midwifery and Obstetrical Nursing
Library work / self study
Communication and Educational Technology
Midwifery and Obstetrical nursing
Community health Nursing-II
Nursing Research & Statistics
Management of Nursing Services and education
Co-curricular activities


Midwifery and Obstetrical nursing
Community health Nursing-II
Nursing Research & Statistics
Management of Nursing Services and education

Project work to be carried out during internship.

Internship (Integrated Practice)

Internship means 8 hours of integrated clinical duties in which 2 weeks of evening and nightshift duties are included

Students during internship will be supervised by nursing teachers

Fourth year final examination to be held only after completing internship.

Soni Nursing School

Soni Nursing School has been in operation since 2004 and more than 400 GNM (Graduate of Nursing and Mid-Wifery) have graduated from it since then.

Unlike a Nursing College, Soni Nursing School offers a more flexible diploma program which is only 3 years is duration. This allows a student to graduate faster and get employed sooner. However, the program is tailored only for practical working and candidates seeking a B. Sc. Degree must enroll in a Nursing College with P. B. Sc. Offering after 2 years of work experience for getting the equivalent B. Sc. Degree. Soni Nursing School currently has 60 seats.